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Enter acid-forming and aromatoobrazuyushchy bacteria into composition of ferment. The Aromatoobrazuyushchy microflora a source of such aromatic substances, as air, alcohols and some carbonyl connections, and also without which formation of a normal of cheese is impossible.

Biochemical processes when maturing. Change of sugar. Under the influence of lactic bacteria sugar turns into lactic acid. This process goes continuously from the moment of entering into milk of lactic ferment, proceeds at formation, pressing and a posolka of cheese, and also at the first stage of maturing.

When maturing in cold cellars or at a lack of proteolytic enzymes fermentativny disintegration of proteins less deep and in cheeses mainly primary products of hydrolysis — peptones and peptides collect. Peptones and some high-molecular possess bitter taste therefore cheese gains smack of peptonny character. The consistence of such cheese dense, aroma weak that testifies to its incomplete maturing.

Parafinirovaniye can be replaced with packing of cheese in polymeric films. At application of polymeric coverings losses of weight in a of a sink of heads are excluded labor-consuming care of cheese, losses because of shrinkage of cheeses are considerably reduced.

At absence as a part of ferments of aromatoobrazuyushchy microflora, as a rule, cheese turns out without drawing, also its consistence because of excessively high. Aromatoobrazuyushchy bacteria, transforming part of sugar to fermentation by-products, are of active acidity of cheese weight, reduce an exit of lactic acid.

Maturing of cheese — is set of complex changes of components of cheese weight as a result of which organoleptic properties improve and the physiological value of a product.

In special parafiner a parafino-wax alloy is to 150 °C and in this mix on the special holder lowered on 2 — 3 about a cheese. At high temperature viscosity of mix is minimum and on heads the thin most elastic layer of paraffin is formed.

Fermentativny disintegration of paracasein proceeds under two factors — abomasal enzyme and enzymes of bacteria, and enzymes of lactic bacteria (85%) have the prevailing value.

Care of cheese when maturing. In cellars for maturing create the favorable temperature moisture conditions promoting course of fermentativny processes and excessive shrinkage of cheese.

In the course of maturing special care of cheese has to be carried out: heads are washed periodically for removal of aerobic microflora — a mold and the slime which is destroying a crust and negatively influencing taste of some cheeses and also periodically overturned that is necessary for giving to heads of the correct form (rainfall).

At excessively high acidity of cheese weight the most part of calcium is released, formed the free paracasein which is badly bulking up in water therefore structure of cheese coherent, kroshlivy. Cheese gets the best consistence in case of prevalence mono - and dikaltsiyevy that takes place at optimum acidity of cheese weight.

Peptones and partially polypeptides belong to primary products of disintegration of protein. These connections, and also simpler rastvorima in water. Peptides differ on molecular weight: high-molecular, average and low-molecular. At hydrolysis of peptides amino acids are formed.