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Note: In that case when for the inventory period there was no realization of the goods delivered for long term it is allowed to make charge of natural losses for the remains of these goods for the end of the inventory period.

At transportation of oil cow (creamy and melted), culinary (fat vegetable, etc.) and confectionery fats, cheeses in a polymeric film, cheeses in a brine, are swept away, cottage cheese and curds in metal container of norm of natural losses are not applied.

The statement of claim is directed to judicial authorities in writing and is signed by the director or his deputy. Thus it is necessary that the signature was supported with the corresponding proofs of powers of the signing.

* other documents proving a claim. In cases of presentation of a claim to the railroad according to articles 148, 151, 179 of the Charter of the railroads originals of the commercial act and the waybill are attached. Calculation of a claim is formed accounts department of the wholesale enterprise and contains the following data:

The size of natural losses in time between two adjacent inventories (reporting is defined on the basis of the calculations made by accounts department of the enterprise (organization) with the assistance of responsible persons and approved by the director (organization). If the head (director) of trade enterprise is at the same time the responsible person, calculation is approved by the management of the higher organization.

Canned food fruit and vegetable (jam, jam, compotes, juice, sauces), fish, meat, marinades, pickles, tomato paste, tomato mashed potatoes,, vegetable oil, milk, dairy goods, extracts, syrups, vinegar, horse-radish, mustard and other

In case of storage of cheeses after their commodity side job (cleaning, a parafinirovaniye) charge of natural losses is made proceeding from the periods of storage estimated from the moment of a side job according to the act confirming carrying out this operation.

Norms of natural losses did not include the losses which are formed owing to damage, fight, scrap of goods, a primaz of goods to container, damages of container, and also a difference between the actual mass of container and weight on a cliche.

The storerooms located at restaurants on 400-500 places and dining rooms of an open network on 300-500 places belong to the first group. The storerooms located at restaurants to 300 places, dining rooms of an open network to 250 places and dining rooms at manufacturing enterprises and educational institutions to 500 places belong to the second group.

The organization of public catering (trust, combine, etc.) issues the order on reference of storerooms to the first and to the second to groups which is brought to the attention of responsible persons no later than in 15 days prior to the beginning of the period for which it extends.

At transportation automobile and a cartage of goods in glass container and empty glass container of norm are applied to all party of the transported goods (container) issued by the separate accompanying document (the commodity-transport consignment note).

The size of the actual natural losses of cheeses is determined by each party separately by comparison of data on amount of the realized cheeses to the credited quantity at the full izraskhodovaniye of party or the actual remains revealed at inventory from the remains according to accounting.