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Repeated supervision showed that behavioural acts of this period are rather polytypic and difficult at individuals of different types. However it is allocated also rather precisely separate acts or groups of the behavioural acts peculiar to different types of birds.

Feet at the majority of types tetradactyl, operenny to fingers. At, or a kopytok, three-fingered (operena fingers also grew together almost to claws), with the general thick sole. Voskovitsa is not present. A craw without epithelium allocating "egg in your beer". There is coccygeal gland and blind outgrowths of intestines.

In the period of a nest place choice behavior of a female aggressively. It often drives away a male on considerable distance and one makes inspection and test of a place. Moreover, the contents of its behavioural acts change with compliance of a place of future nest that testifies that it is connected with a place choice, but not behavior at formation of couples. Characteristic poses of courting of males were never observed by preparation of a place for nests. During the marriage period males make such movements which do the most noticeable a difference in coloring of separate parts of plumage of a bird. Nobody had to observe similar actions of males in the studied period.

Stove-setters - ordinary birds of a pampas. On fences, on branches from which the good review opens, they sing simple, but ringing songs. Frequent a duet the male and a female "Seems, only one view of the crude earth induces them to construction". Because from the crude earth and clay, having added to it a few small stalks and cow manure, they build nests. Not simply all this is molded in a heap, and at first will roll "bricks" weighing 3-5 grams. Then on columns, fences, on branches of trees, on roofs of houses, less often on the earth build of them the base of future house, put up round walls, over them - a roof. The wall of a nest though roundish, but not closed in the plan from above, and is twirled outside inside as if by an hour spring. Between internal and external the narrow entrance 5 cm wide, to more pomestitelny nested chamber (in the center spiralno of the arranged walls) goes rounds of this "spring".

Construction material is collected and carry both birds, but the nest is twisted by a female within 6-8 days. The nest is usually covered from above. Quite often it is negligent bowl-shaped construction from last year's stalks of herbs. Sometimes in the lump of the put material the accurate tray twisted from vegetable fibers, thin backs, vegetable down and hair is allocated. In Central Asia found the nests built almost from one wormwood.

At construction of nests and a nasizhivaniya of baby birds division of labor honor such at all pigeons: the male collects and brings blades and twigs, on one branch in a beak, as herons and cormorants. A female, sitting in place chosen for a nest palms off them under himself and round himself. Quite carelessly put friable platform from branches turns out.