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In the present degree project the color stereotelevision television camera intended for work in a complex with a binocular microscope and various devices of video control and record of video images is developed.

Capacity of the visual analyzer at the level of a retina too makes tens of millions of binary units a second. But in process of transition to the highest departments of visual body selection of useful information from all flow of messages that leads to very economical form of their coding is made.

Rather slightest shift of one of projections of images from identical points of a retina as in consciousness there is a spatial idea of the considered objects. It is accepted that with the naked eye relief of subjects can be observed at the distances which are not exceeding one kilometer. The increase in three-dimensional range or increase of stereoeffect requires, first of all, with other things being equal, increase in basis of supervision that it is easy to carry out in television by a rating of the transferring tubes.

Synthesis of the image – transformation of primary information into model of the transferred object. This final stage of reproduction of images in television is carried out by an intake. In bionic system visions arise in a cerebral cortex and automatically, to a greater or lesser extent, remain in memory. In television additional process – record of the image is applied to saving of the image in necessary cases.

The final indicator at a telecast is our eye therefore at each stage of development of television equipment this or that property of visual body was considered. And the television system, the more deeply became more perfect and more stoutly leaned at its construction on possibilities of sight. Most fully it was reflected in stereocolor system which most closer brings to conditions of direct supervision and an identification of nature.

The stereotelevision can bring big benefit to science and a national economy where the greatest presentation and expressiveness of the reproduced objects and events and especially is required where the operator cannot be present on a place of events.

The stereoeffect is observed not only at the identical clearness of both images, but also at decrease of clearness of one of stereo pair shots, and the clearness perceived by the viewer is defined by the better image.

That each eye saw the picture, points with separate liquid crystal screens blinds (LCD-shutters) are used. It is possible to make so that under the influence of electric current liquid crystals became that transparent, impenetrable with the same frequency with which the image on the screen is updated. When visibility of one eye is blocked, another sees the picture and vice versa.

Management of optics was made remotely from an operator console. For this purpose optical heads had the electric drive which operated optical focusing, a masking and made switching of lenses. Also from the panel focusing and current of a beam in tubes coped.

Also resolution of holographic system twice exceeding nowadays existing is required. In this regard work of development of holographic television system also has to be increased that will cause increase in the demanded strip of frequencies of a communication channel for information transfer about the image.

To avoid mechanically rotated shutter, it is possible to project both frames of a stereo pair on photocathodes of tubes, having arranged their row. For this purpose lenses Ol and Op it is necessary to arrange between a stereonozzle and color-separation mirrors. In this case more great demands are made of resolution of tubes and linearity of development.

The pictures reproduced by this system are generated by the computer. As images from real life will act and be projected, is not clear yet. However, this system is not aimed at the consumer market, and its application most likely will be limited to modeling of reliefs of surfaces or regulation of the movement of air transport,

It is possible to assume that the future of television is a holographic television, however at realization of holographic television systems arises many technical difficulties connected, in particular, with the big information capacity of holograms and high specific density of information.

Follows from consideration of the elementary stereodevices that for artificial reproduction of stereoimages it is necessary to have two images received from different positions and to consider one left eye, another – right.